Pentecostal Tabernacle Vancouver (PTV) is a Full Gospel church located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our History

1907 »The Pentecostal Mission Hong Kong and Kowloon (PMHK) is founded.
1985 »Pentecostal Tabernacle Vancouver (PTV) is registered in May.
1986 »PTV purchases a building at 1531 West 15th Avenue and regular services begin on February 2.
1987 »Construction of a new church begins in September after the old building was plagued with water leakage and other issues.
1988 »The new three-storey tabernacle is completed within seven months and a dedication service is held in August.
1989 »PTV starts holding one-week Revival Meetings every August. A Summer Retreat has also been held at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford.
2023 »A regular Sunday service in English is added starting from Easter Sunday.
1153 West 57th Avenue started development process.